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No Car Title?
Up to $5,000


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No Car Title?
Up to $5,000
No Car Title?
Up to $5,000

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HEY, IT HAPPENS! Sometimes it’s a little bit difficult to make ends meet. You just need some extra help or a few more days to make everything work out. No Problem. Loans For Less has been helping folks just like you with car title loans in Salt Lake and Ogden for over 19 years. We can help you too! Give us a call, come in, or get started online right now. A Utah Title Loan is easy! Especially since we loan 50% more with rates up to 70% less! Really! WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO COMPARE!

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● Our goal is to offer title loans for the lowest possible rates. ● We treat every customer with respect. ● We’ve been loaning money to Utah residents for over 19 years. ● We take pride in being up-front, fair, and honest with everyone. What Our Customers Have to Say…
  • Their rate was the lowest around and they were great to work with.
    Zach- Loans For Less Customer
  • If anyone is looking for a title loan,  Loans for less is the place to go! The rates are the lowest by far and the customer service is outstanding!
    Maria- Loans For Less Customer
  • I was able to borrow at least 50% more than at other places and their rate was the lowest I found.
    James- Loans For Less Customer
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We don’t just do car title loans in Utah, we do Personal Loans, Signature Loans, and Installment Loans as well. (OAC) While a title loan can be easier to get, a personal loan is based on credit and can be done at even lower rates. Up to 70% less, in many cases, than most other similar lenders. Going anywhere else would be like throwing your money away!

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