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When it comes to Affordable Car Title Loans we simply cannot be beat!
It’s simple, the fact is we loan 50% more and charge 70% less than our competition.
At Loans For Less your success is our priority and high rates make a huge difference in your payment and the chances of successfully paying back the loan on time and in full. We figure with what we do we might as well make it as easy as possible for you to be successful! Whatever the reason is that you’re considering a title loan we want you to be able to reach your goals. When used properly and responsibly, a low interest Utah title loan can be a life saver and maybe just that little bit of help that you need.

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How To Get a Good Car Title Loan

At Loans For Less we think values are more important than profit and we’re truly interested in helping you achieve your goals.  People get title loans for all sorts of reasons but whatever yours is we understand that it’s probably important and it’s probably urgent. It’s not our goal to talk you into taking out a loan, but rather be there for you if you’ve decided that it’s the best thing to help you accomplish your goals.

If you’ve decided that a car title loan is your best option naturally we encourage you to give us a call. That being said however we understand that you don’t know us and we are of course not the only option in town, so you’re probably interested in making a few calls and doing a little homework, and we encourage you to do that! That’s because we know you’ll find we do the lowest rate title loans you can find.

So here are a few tips…

    • Understand The Rate Game:  Rates are important with any loan but especially when it comes to a car title loan.  Since these are usually shorter term loans, the rate will make a huge difference in your payment and your overall cost.  Surprising to a lot of people rates vary considerably between car title loan companies, especially here in Salt Lake and Ogden.  For example there are businesses locally her in Salt Lake that charge as much as 50% more than we do her at Loans For Less.  We are always doing everything we can to provide the lowest rates possible and although we encourage you to call around and find out for yourself, we are confident that you won’t find a better rate than what we offer.  You should also be aware of the fact that usually different rates are charged for different amounts so even though someone might throw out a really low rate when asked, if you dig into it a little more you’ll find that they have quoted you a rate for a larger loan.  You’ll come to find out that the rate for the actual loan amount you might be pursuing is considerably higher.  Don’t be afraid to ask about the details.
    • Only Get What You Need: Just because your vehicle allows for a higher loan doesn’t mean that you need to take out that amount.  Car title loans are a great way to help you out of a tough situation but don’t let it create an even worse one.  Be smart, take a serious look at what you need and have a game plan to be able to repay the loan as quickly as possible.  The smaller the loan the easier it will be to pay off and the less of a burden it will be. Sounds funny for us to be talking you into a smaller loan but the truth is we want you to be successful and we want to be part of that success.
    • Do Your Homework:  When you are considering putting up a fence or getting a new roof, you don’t just call anyone, you do your homework right? You might call a few different places, look up some reviews online and make an educated decision.  Getting a car title loan might seem like a small thing but if you get the loan from the wrong company it could turn into a bigger ordeal than you expected. Like anything else if you’ve got a friend or family member who has used a good company and has a recommendation that can be helpful however most people don’t care to announce to their friends and family that they are in need of a title loan.  So how can you get recommendations?  GOOGLE.  Google the business’  name + the city they are located in and look for reviews.  You might find reviews right on Google’s own Plus page or on Yelp, Merchant Circle, YP.com, you can even find reviews on Facebook now.  Any good company that’s been around long enough will have people who have reviewed them online and you’ll be able to get a good idea of who you really would like to do business with.

With locations in Salt Lake City and Ogden we’re convenient to get to for most of Salt Lake, Davis and Weber county. Get in touch to discover more about our services and how you can get one of the lowest rate title loans to help you with your goals.