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Use the form above to apply for a personal loan in Ogden, Salt Lake City or any other city in Utah. This will allow us to get working on your loan right away. If you have a question while filling it out just give us a call. We’re happy to give you all the details and answer all of your questions over the phone. Here are some frequently asked questions that might be helpful. How much cash can I get? A personal loan is based on several factors. Your income, your employment and several other factors. Unlike a title loan (which we also do), the amount of cash you can get is not dependent on the value of your vehicle.  We currently do personal loans up to $5,000.00. To find out how much we can lend you, simply fill out the form above and submit it so we can give you a call and get any additional information we may need. Do I need good credit? Although a personal loan is based on credit, you’d be surprised at the number of people we’re able to help when they didn’t think they could get a loan. The benefit of a personal loan is that you don’t need to have a paid off vehicle title in order to get your loan. How fast can I get cash? We understand that no one likes to wait very long to get their loan. That’s why we get working on your loan right away and can usually have your loan approved and your cash to you the same day. It doesn’t have to be a long drawn out process.  At Loans For Less we can usually have cash in your hands a lot quicker than you think!  The first easy step is to just fill out the form above and we’ll get started. How much do you charge for a loan? The cost of a personal loan can vary for each customer because it is based on several factors.  Higher loans have smaller interest rates and smaller loans have slightly larger interest rates.  Because the rate makes such a large difference in the cost of your loan and the amount of your monthly payment we feel strongly it’s the number one most important thing for us to be competitive on.  Because we’re a smaller institution and have lower overhead we can afford to charge lower rates. Lower rates and unexpectedly awesome customer service is how we have stayed in business so long. What information do I need to provide? To start, just fill out the form above and submit it. We’ll call and tell you what else we may need. We’ll usually need some income verification and maybe a tax return. Where are you located? We have a location in Salt Lake City just off the 33rd south exit of I15 and one in Ogden on Riverdale road by the Newgate Mall but we have clients who come to us from all over the state because of our low interest rates and large loan amounts. Get in touch to learn more. Questions or Complaints