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Using Title Loans to Rebuild Credit

Written by Seo Werkz on . Posted in Car Loans Salt Lake City, Car Title Loans Utah, title loans salt lake city

Most people think of a car title loan as a great way to add a little momentary financial flexibility, but while this is absolutely a common use, it’s not the only one. Another popular use for title loans? Rebuilding credit. Credit is a vital part of any financial profile, and a high score is required for many kinds of conventional loans. Standards are relaxed for title loans, though, and this often offers the ability to use the funds from a title loan to bring a low credit score back up. How does this work, and which areas should you exercise caution in if you’re going this route? Let’s take a look.

Using it to Make Payments

The recent past is by far the most important time for a credit report, and using the funds from a title loan, you can make your recent history look a lot more impressive. A few large chunk payments toward big debts can raise your score almost immediately, and likely by more than you’d assume. There are even loan providers who allow you to pay back the borrowed money plus interest a year or two down the line – this gives you time to rebuild the credit score and get your finances in a good place before you pay it back. Now, let’s look at a few areas to be vary of if you choose to do this.

Cash Principal

If at all possible, try to avoid spending the cash principal – put it in a savings account for at least a brief period before using it, if you can. This will make your finances look better, which matters for a credit score. It will also make things easier on the repayment end.

Pay On Time!

Always pay back the borrowed amount on time, or even early if possible. You can roll a title loan over in most cases, but this will still require you to pay interest, which will only increase by the time you’re forced to finally pay.

Part of a Plan

Taking out a title loan is just one part of what should be a comprehensive plan for how you’ll rebuild your credit. It should include your credit report and the important factors therein, plus saving through whatever avenues possible to make payments and remove some debt. Consider altering expenses, and look for alternative sources of income wherever possible. Raising credit score isn’t necessarily easy, but with the right effort, you can make it happen. To learn more about car title loans or any of our services, speak to the experts at Loans for Less today.

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