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Lender Factors to Consider

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Making the decision to borrow money is never easy, and deciding who to borrow it from can also present some challenges. This is often the case when looking for a car title loan – at Loans for Less, we understand that you have to investigate your options. What are some of the questions you should be asking yourself (or a third party) about a company you’re considering using for a title loan? Here are a few of the big ones.

Is the Company Stable?

You’re using your car title as security for a loan, and as such, you should make sure the company in question is stable enough to enter into that kind of relationship. Certain shady dealers might flip in and out of business – look for a group like Loans for Less with an extensive history, and stability to back it up. We’ve been loaning money for over 19 years, with a great reputation.

Is the Company Licensed and Insured?

States that allow title loans have strict guidelines to ensure that providers keep your rights protected. There are also guidelines in place for loan processing times. Make sure you look for a company that has these proper licenses within your state and municipality, or risk major issues with your loan.

Are Loan Thresholds High Enough?

Different lenders will have different guidelines for how much they can loan, or how much they might be willing to loan in your individual situation. You may have to borrow from multiple sources in some cases, but if you find one lender with high enough thresholds, this might not be the case.

Will I Qualify?

Down similar lines, different lenders have different approval guidelines. Some require specific forms of income or credit, but most don’t. Find a lender that’s flexible enough to meet your needs. To learn more about the factors to look for in a lender, or for more information on car title loans, speak to the brokers at Loans for Less today.

Steps if You’re Denied a Personal Loan

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Personal loans and car title loans are some of the quickest and easiest ways to get qualified borrowers the cash they need, but that doesn’t simply mean you’re a guarantee to be accepted for one. Different loans have different requirements, and there are situations where credit, derogatory marks or other factors could keep your personal loan application from being approved. What do you do if this happens to you? There are a few proper steps to take. Let’s have a look.

Credit Report

Credit might be one of the central reasons why your application was denied, but there can be errors in a given credit report that lowers your score to an unacceptable range. By law, you’re given 60 days after a credit report to request a free copy of the report, and the score the lender used to evaluate your creditworthiness. Look the report over closely for errors. Maybe a late payment was reported that you can prove never took place, or maybe an account you didn’t open appears on your credit report. If there’s any chance that incorrect reporting may have caused your denial for a loan, look into getting this remedied as soon as possible.

Credit Building

If your score is correct and credit was indeed the reason you were denied, it’s time to take steps to rebuild your credit. The credit report will come with “reason codes,” which are the most important factors impacting your score – they might tell you it’s time to focus on paying down debts, or they might indicate you need to apply for a new account. Through these and other smart financial methods, you can create a plan to raise your credit score back to where it needs to be.

Consider Alternatives

If you’re still badly in need of a short-term financial fix, you’ll have to consider other options besides a personal loan. A balance transfer credit card is beneficial to some people, and others find success within a reputable debt management program – you’ll pay a fee, but these services can help you reduce your overall debts much more quickly. To learn more about any element of title loans or personal loans, speak to the experts at Loans for Less today.

Learning the Basics of Installment Loans

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There are a few different specific designations within the world of personal loans and signature loans, and one such designation refers to installment loans. At Loans for Less, we offer a variety of installment loans for people who fit their criteria. What exactly is an installment loan, and how can it potentially benefit you? Let’s take a look.

Basic Definition

Put simply, an installment loan is a loan with a set number of scheduled payments over time. In reality, many of the most common conventional loan types on the market are installment loans – auto loans and mortgages, for instance. Credit cards are not an installment loan, as they require a monthly payment but don’t carry a set time period for payments.


Within the personal loan sphere, installment loans take on a specific role. For instance, let’s say you’re looking to borrow $1,000 to help pay for a graduation party for a loved one. You take out an installment loan that spans 24 months, at a 25 percent interest rate. In this case, you’d receive a check for $1,000 up front, and then you’d make regular payments of $53.37 for 24 months – in the end, equating to a repayment of the $1,000 plus the appropriate interest.

Comparison to Payday Loans

In general, payday loans come for a shorter duration. They also have higher interest rates than installment loans, and can be paid back in a lump sum – often on the borrower’s next payday, hence the name of the loan. Installment loans, on the other hand, spread payments out evenly over a longer period of time.

Bad Credit Assistance

One of the primary uses for installment loans is building up credit. Credit bureaus want to see regular payments toward debts over time – because this is exactly the format required by installment loans, they’re a good way to build credit up quickly as long as you can make the monthly payments on time. Want to learn more about installment loans, or any of our signature or title loan options? The brokers at Loans for Less are standing by to assist you.

Alternative Ways to Get Out of Title Loans

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No one takes out a loan without planning to pay it back, but as we all know, things happen. Maybe an emergency rears its head, or maybe you lose a source of income during your repayment of a title loan – at Loans for Less, we understand that not everything in life happens exactly as scheduled. Coming up late or short on car title loan payments can be damaging to finances, but there are a few options at your disposal for getting things paid off in an orderly fashion without getting into too much trouble. Here are some tips.

Paying it Off

By far the simplest and most preferable option, of course, is simply paying the loan back on time. Some lenders may drag their feet if you pay the loan off too early, so if this is a possibility, lay it out up front and find out what your options will be. In cases where you don’t have the funds immediately on hand, you could also look into selling the vehicle to free up cash flow.


Converting the title loan into a different kind of loan is another approach if you’re short on cash. If you qualify for a basic fixed loan from a bank, this will often come with a much lower interest rate and lower payments than your title loan – you can use the money to pay off the title loan and avoid the repossession of your vehicle. If you’re having trouble finding a good loan, visit smaller banks and credit unions.


There are many situations where your lender will work with you – they want the money to be repaid just as badly as you do, after all. You might be able to lower your payment in exchange for a longer loan term, or lower interest rate in exchange for other concessions. This may damage your credit in many cases, but that’s often preferable to getting your car repossessed.

Default and Bankruptcy

Defaulting on a loan is when you stop paying, and this is the last of your options – it will damage your credit and potentially lose you your car. There are situations where simply surrendering your car might be the best option. There are also situations where bankruptcy will get you some relief from certain title loan debts. Want to learn more about title loan repayment tactics, or any of our other services? Speak to the brokers at Loans for Less today.

Understanding the Steps in the Title Loan Process

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A big part of the appeal of car title loans and personal loans is their speedy nature. The ability to get quick cash for an emergency or other immediate expense is a big deal to many people, and at Easy Title Loans, we’re here to get you the best deal possible on a title loan while also respecting the demands on your time. For most people, this means following a basic, tried-and-tested step-by-step process to getting your title loan approved and ready to go. Let’s look at these basic steps to get you ready for your next application.


The first step of any title loan process is the valuation of your vehicle as collateral, which mostly takes place through a basic inspection. All relevant value items will be examined by the lender’s technicians, from functionality to appearance. Just to save a bit of time, make sure in advance that the location you’re going to for a valuation accepts title loans for your make and model of vehicle – some may have restrictions.


While your car is being inspected, you’ll fill out some brief paperwork to make your application official. This application will be considered, along with the value of your car and any other relevant factors – including your credit history, income situation and other financial elements.

Instant Lending Decision

On the spot, you’ll be able to get your verdict. You’ll be told whether you’re approved or denied for a particular type of loan, and you’ll be told the maximum loan amount you’re eligible for based on the value of your car and other factors. This is the point where items like interest rate and loan term will be ironed out and finalized.

Signature, Drive Away

When the paperwork is signed and ready to go and the title has been appropriately transferred, that’s the end of it – you’re ready to drive off with your new cash and get back to your life. You’ll now have a repayment to consider, of course, but you’ve gotten yourself some of the speediest and easiest cash possible with little to no hassle. To learn more about our title loans or any of our other loan programs, speak to the brokers at Easy Title Loans today.

Tips for Paying Your Title Loan Off Early

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So, you’ve got yourself a car title loan from Loans for Less. You’ve used that cash for a pressing need or emergency expense, and any crisis has been averted. Well, now it’s time to pay your loan back. A default could lose you your car or cause a number of other problems – how do you make sure you avoid that? Better yet, how can you get things done ahead of schedule and provide a boost to both your finances and your credit score? Let’s look at a few simple tips for paying off your title loan earlier than expected.

Round Up Payments

Let’s say your scheduled monthly payment is $68.99, just for example. If you can round that up just a little to a round figure, say $75 or even $100, you could be making much more headway than you think. That little bit of extra per month will chip away slowly at your total interest, and after several months, you’ll all of a sudden find yourself with a much smaller amount – despite paying what seems like a trivial extra amount each month.

Don’t Miss Payments

It may sound obvious, but the downsides of missing payments in a personal loan situation can be extreme. In the case of title loans, any serious delays in payment may cause you to default on you loan, which would in turn lead to you losing your car. Plus, even if you manage to avoid default, missing a payment will raise your interest and the eventual amount you’re forced to pay off.

Make Extra Payments

If you’re scheduled to make payments monthly, but you think you have the flexibility to do so more often, make it happen! There are also ways to split up your payments in ways that allow you to contribute a little extra every now and then without putting a major financial strain on yourself: Instead of a $400 payment once a month, try paying $100 once a week – for months with five weeks or close to it, you’ll end up paying a little extra without causing a major dent in your pocketbook.

One Big Yearly Payment

If you can afford it, a sizable chunk once a year can go a long way. It can knock out a big portion of interest, and may even get you far enough ahead to feel comfortable paying down other debt simultaneously. At Loans for Less, our experts are standing by to assist you with all your personal and title loan questions.

Tips for Keeping Car Resale Value High

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When applying for a car title loan, the quality level of your vehicle is a very important factor. You’re borrowing money using your car as collateral against the loan, so every dollar of extra value on the vehicle is another dollar you might be able to get in your loan. There are certainly other factors involved in this process, but the value of your car is one you have a good amount of control over. Here are a few tips for maximizing the value of your car before putting it up for a title loan.


Keeping your car up to date on repairs and maintenance is important for all vehicle owners, but especially for those looking to keep the car’s value high. Trade-in values often reflect the higher end of the pricing spectrum for any repairs you’ve left unfinished, and there’s a good chance you’re lowering the value of the car by leaving them. If you or anyone you’re close with is capable of making some of the repairs, that’s a great option to reduce your costs. Down similar lines, a trusted mechanic can be hard to find, but hold onto them when you do – a good deal here or there could go a long way to determining whether you’re in the red or the black when it’s all said and done.


Right or wrong, the appearance of a car has significant weight during the trade-in or title loan negotiation process. Body work like dent fill-ins and the like should be fully completed, and it’s never a bad thing if you get a chance to polish both the interior and exterior of the car. First impressions go a long way, as they say.


It’s common for people to neglect their tires as part of the resale process since many consider them separate or less important, but this is a mistake. Just like regular maintenance issues, most lenders will generally default to the higher end of the pricing structure for any repairs they have to make, so if you can get this done yourself (especially if it’s for a relatively fair price), you’re likely to come out on top.


Perhaps most importantly, being able to show proof of your upkeep on your car is a huge deal. Uncertainty can cause lenders to lower the return price on the car, but there can be no confusion if you have documented records of all service completed. Want to know more about increasing car value, or any element of car title loans? At Loans for Less, our lending is fair and keeps your individual situation as the top priority. Contact us today.

Benefits of Personal and Signature Loans

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There are many ways to get money quickly when you’re in a bind, but perhaps the simplest is using a personal or signature loan. These require no collateral, typically have low interest rates, and can be completed quickly to get you the cash you need. For signature loans, the name is the reality – all you need to get your cash is a signature. At Loans for Less, we offer a full range of personal and signature loans for people who need quick cash. What are the specific benefits of a personal or signature cash loan? Let’s take a look.


Signature loans and personal loans are meant to get you some quick cash with as little hassle as possible. You’re not putting up your car, your house or any other collateral, and there’s no requirement for how you spend the money you receive – you have complete control over how it’s put to use. Personal and signature loans do require solid credit since there’s no collateral involved, but those who qualify are opened up to a new layer of temporary financial freedom. These loans can allow you to clear some debt, make a large but necessary purchase, or make a one-time emergency payment.

Lower Interest Rates

Because there’s no collateral and these loans are based on credit alone, interest rates are generally far lower than other kinds of loans. Their terms are usually shorter, which means your monthly payments might be higher than other kinds of loans, but you won’t be forking over tons of extra interest to get the cash you need.

Fixed Interest Rates

Perhaps even more importantly for people who struggle with finances, most personal and signature loans come at fixed interest rates. This means your rate can’t change regardless of how much you spend or repay on the loan, a very big deal for some people who can’t afford any month-to-month variability in their spending habits.

Can Improve Credit

In many cases, a personal or signature loan can actually improve your credit. Interest rates on these loans are often lower than most credit cards, and people who have run up a high credit bill from one or two large bulk purchases can use personal loans as a way to increase the amount of credit they have available. Because credit utilization is such a big part of what goes into your credit score, this can help the score go up in many cases. To know more, or you are interested in a personal, signature or car title loan contact Loans for Less today, where our friendly and professional staff are standing by to assist you.

Title Loans, Easy to Get Personal Loans in Salt Lake City in Demand

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An auto title loan, or title loan, is a secured short-term loan that requires the borrower to put up a vehicle he owns as collateral. The borrower allows the lender to put a security interest on the vehicle’s title, which will be lifted as soon as the borrower completes payment of his loan. If the borrower fails, the lender can sell the former’s car to pay for the amount he owes.